Screw Blowers Delta Hybrid

Screw Blowers

Delta Hybrid made by AERZEN: decades of experience compressed in one technology

Two technologies. One package.

Delta Hybrid is the perfect synthesis of positive displacement blower and screw compressor. Unlike the conventional positive displacement blower (max. 1,000 mbar), the innovative screwblower uses a new and unique 3+4 compressor profile, which is specially designed for low pressure applications up to 1,500mbar. Delta Hybrid thus closes the gap in the previous machine mix and offers a wide range of services for precise design to meet the most diverse process requirements. The result is a new levelof cost efficiency for compressed air applications.

Get the Delta Hybrid Screw Blower and enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced life-cycle costs
  • Extraordinary energy efficiency
  • High reliability levels
  • Reduced maintenance needs
  • Increased range of pressures and applications
  • 100% pure process air, free of absorption materials and oil

New Delta Hybrid sizes D13S, D17S, D25S UND D30S

Maximale EnMaximum energy efficiency, minimum TCO

The new types impress with smart features, further improved functionality and enormous energy savings of up to 30 % compared to a conventional positive displacement blower.


Type of technology
Screw Blowers
Positive pressure
Volume flow
100 to 9,000 m3/h
air , neutral gases
Conveying / Compression
Positive Pressure
1,500 mbar


Significative energy savings, easy installation and commissioning, minimum maintenance: these characteristics are also directly reflected into the cost balance. A good reason for AERZEN to keep a special eye on them during the development of the Delta Hybrid Generation. The results convince even the smartest customers.

Extraordinary energy efficiency

  • New and unique 3+4 rotor profile
  • Energy savings up to 30% compared to lobe blowers
  • Extended turndown ratio up to 1:5
  • Optimized air flow within the acoustic hood
  • Belt drive to match exactly the process requirements

Extremely compact design

  • Space-saving side-by-side installation
  • Smaller dimensioning of machine rooms
  • Easy access for service and maintenance work
  • Integrated power suppy panel having the same footprint

    Reliability and durability

    • Patented bearing, nominal lifespan of more than 70,000 hours (at 1.000 mbar pressure difference)
    • Patented driving- and conveying chamber sealings
    • 100% oil-free per Class 0 (certified per ISO 8573-1)
    • Patented silencer w/o absorption material

    Further information is available within the product brochures.

    Extending the functional range for a wide variety of applications.

    Delta Hybrid operates in an extremely wide range of key industrial applications in wastewater and pneumatic conveying. The machines are designed for the oil-free conveyance of air for positive pressure applications with the nominal widths from DN 100 to DN 300.

    Hotter temperatures. More safety.
    Delta Hybrid screw blowers can be used globally. Also in zones where extreme ambient temperatures of -40°C to +50°C prevail. With Delta Hybrid, discharge temperatures of up to 230 °C are possible today. The prerequisite for operational reliability in all processes.


    • Sewage treatment
    • Drinking water purification
    • Pneumatic conveyance of bulk materials (vacuum/pressure pneumatics)
    • River and lake aeration
    • and many more


    • Sewage treatment
    • Chemical and process technology
    • Glass and paper manufacturing
    • Food industry
    • Environmental technology
    • and many more

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