Intelligent and farsighted. This is how high efficiency is controlled today

High-performance technologies such as the Aerzen Turbo help reduce energy consumption in aeration tanks. Provided, of course, that they run at optimal efficiency. In the Turbo Generation 5, this is handled by AERZEN’s advanced control and operating system. One of the many success stories from our R&D teams in their work on the new Turbo Generation 5.

Dynamic safety: the turbo control system

Rapid response times. Secure protection against surge and choke limits. Real-time transparency and documentation of all relevant operational parameters. The precise control of a Turbo comes with its own set of requirements. This is the reason we decided against standard solutions and developed software especially for our high-efficiency Turbos. The result is a fully integrated digital system. Highly functional. Easy to manage via touchscreen. And equipped with all relevant interfaces, such as to your process control system.

Unique: the turbo idle mode

The construction of the AERZEN air foil bearing allows for extremely low rotation speeds. This means that frequent startups and shutdowns during intermittent processes can be avoided with the energy-saving idle mode.

Real-time transparency

The Aerzen Turbo control integrates all turbo blower parameters with permissible minimum and maximum values (surge limit, maximum RPM, overload, etc.):

  • Uptake filter pressure differential
  • Differential pressure
  • Volume flow
  • Intake and discharge temperatures
  • RPM
  • Electric power
  • Operating hours
  • Error codes and error history
  • Live visualization of Turbo parameters

New: actual air volume measurement

When it comes to absolutely secure plant operation, we don’t allow any compromises. That is why AERZEN doesn’t rely on conventional, indirect (i.e. air volume measurement derived from power consumption) air volume measurement. Instead, we use the Venturi effect.

In other words, the actual air volume flow is calculated by measuring the pressure differences at the intake cone. No other system does this, despite some decisive advantages: the unit can use real values for safety measures such as the AERZEN high rise to surge (active pump protection). And you can determine the volumes actually being pumped into your tanks at any given time. And by the way: the software will also display this parameter for you directly.