Aerzen Turbo. The key player in highly efficient combined systems

Strong fluctuations are the hallmarks of load operations in biological sewage treatment plants. They can come on suddenly, since waste water pollution levels can change depending on the region, time of day and season, or precipitation. AERZEN has the most effective solution for this kind of challenge:the combination of advanced Turbo blowers, rotary lobe blowers, and rotary lobe compressors in an almost revolutionarily efficient network system.


The new state of things in aeration tanks.There is now a unique portfolio of solutions for oil-free oxygen supply to aeration tanks provided by three high-performance machines – all from the same manufacturer: the Aerzen Turbo Generation 5 blower, the rotary lobe Delta blower, and the Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressor. With a number of models to choose from, these units can be used to satisfy a wide variety of plant-specific requirements. In combination they can guarantee performance that for the first time can be cut precisely to the needs of an ever-changing load profile – from basic loads to peak demand. This solution portfolio is what we call Performance³.

Performance³ Video

Energy saving potential – optimally exploited

Regardless of whether plants are being operated for municipalities or industry, the best mix of machine types and performance is always tailored to the individual instance. The final configuration requires solid knowhow and a lot of experience – along with a team of experts from AERZEN who can play the whole range of available technologies. That is how you will discover the potential for process performance and energy efficiency in your plant.

Fast ROI

In a combined system, the advantages of the three high performance technologies add up to hitherto unknown energy efficiencies in the operation as a whole: the highest possible energy savings, best possible control range, and lowest possible investment costs. These savings can make conversion pay for itself within two short years, depending on the plant involved.

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